We love Colorado

and we’ve built a strong community of friends as we’ve raised our own family here. Who we are to others matters a lot more than what we do.


But since you’re asking about what we do…  Experience and reputation matter—and we’d like to think we’ve got both of those covered.


Doug grew up in the building industry, learning from a legacy passed down from his

great grandfather, both grandfathers and his own dad. The Herebic name has

always meant craftsmanship as well as character, and the family handiwork

has never become a corporate conglomerate.


As Doug says, “We’re homebuilders that happen to run a business, not businessmen who happen to build homes.” Simply put, our name is on everything we do.






Realtors and homebuilders go hand in hand, so we’ve made it easy for you. Doug and Stacey are both fully licensed real estate agents (trade marks, capitalization?). We can help you find the perfect land to build on, sell your existing home or buy a new one.


Imagine walking through a home with a builder by your side. We can give valuable insights, point out unseen benefits or eliminate surprises. We don’t like buyer’s remorse either. And if you’re selling, we’ll help you maximize your resale value.



Realtor and Partner



Homebuilder and Realtor



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